Pubs in the City of York

The visitor to York will be pleased to know that they are in the City with the most pubs in the whole of England! The heart of York is choc-a-bloc with public houses, most serving real ale and food in classic surroundings.

York is blessed with the regular openings of new pubs and bars but its wealth of pubs really comes from eras past. There are a few pubs with medieval beginnings through to the Georgian period but as with most of England the majority of York's pubs are from the Victorian era - the nineteenth century. York was then a boom city at the heart of the railway revolution that gripped Britain.

Despite their age, of course, most pubs have been refurbished to a high standard as the tourist trade demands but many, thankfully have kept their original architectural features such as small rooms. In most parts of the UK the big breweries bought up and "renovated" the majority of pubs in England in the seventies and produced velour-covered, vast indoor open spaces as they perceived the drinker wanted big, impersonal open rooms in which to drink their Watney's Red Barrel!

Since 2007 all pubs in York have been non-smoking owing to government legislation. Although this has been unpopular with smokers, non-smokers in York have benefited greatly as many of the York pubs are very small, with cosy rooms that produced atmospheres that were almost unbreathable at times due to second-hand tobacco smoke. York pubs are a much more pleasant and healthy place to visit, drink and eat in today.

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